Definitions Related to Mineral Production

To help in making sense of the meaning of fields used in tables that show certain aspects of the data on mineral production, definitions are provided as reference.

Value of Production

Is the value of shipments of own goods as defined below, adjusted for change in inventories.

Value of Shipments of Own Goods

Is the net selling value of shipments of goods produced by the reporting establishment or made under contract for it from its own materials. It excludes discounts, returns, allowances, sales taxes, excise taxes and duties, returnable containers and common or contract carriers' charges for outward transportation (but not own carriers' delivery expenses). It includes revenue from repairs and work done on materials owned by others, transfers to reporting units of the same firm, and all exports.

Cost of Materials and Supplies

Is the consumption of purchased items at laid-down cost, including transportation and handling charges, duties, etc. It also includes transfers from units of the same company and contract work done by others using materials owned by the respondent establishment.

Cost of Fuel and Electricity

Includes the consumption of purchased items. This excludes power generated by the respondent establishment itself.

Value Added - Mining Activity

Measures the value of net output as calculated by shipments of own goods, plus the net change in inventories of goods in process and finished goods, less the cost of materials, supplies, fuel and electricity purchased and used. It includes production subsidies and excludes indirect taxes, as applicable.

Value Added - Total Activity

Measures the value added in mining activity plus value added in non-mining activity. The latter is calculated by subtracting the corresponding commodity inputs from non-mining revenues or outputs. Activity taken into account in non-mining value added includes: fixed capital formation with own work force for own use, rental of the firm's own products, cafeteria operations, etc. It does not include other rental revenues, dividends and interest received. Total activity value added includes production subsidies, but excludes indirect taxes, except property and business taxes.


Excludes working owners and partners of unincorporated businesses and outside piece workers. Respondents are asked for the average number employed during the year. Production and related workers in mining activity include those at the establishment engaged in processing, assembling, storing, inspecting, handling, packing, maintenance, repair, janitorial and watchmen services and working foremen. Administrative office and other non- mining employees include all functions at head offices, sales offices and auxiliary units as well as cafeteria workers, research personnel, truck drivers, etc.

Salaries and Wages

Are compiled before deductions for income tax and employee-paid portions of both employee benefits and social insurance. They include payments for regular work, overtime and paid leave as well as bonuses, commissions paid to regular employees, severance pay, etc. Withdrawals of working owners and partners of unincorporated businesses are excluded in the salaries and wages figure given.


Is the book value of owned inventory held in Canada, including goods in transit to the respondent or held by others on consignment.

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