Methodology for the Survey on Mineral Production

The different steps to follow in developing the survey on Mineral Production are defined as objectives of the statistical methodology that was used to produce reliable data.

Target Population

The target population for the Mineral Production Survey comprises all establishments engaged in the metal and nonmetal mining and quarrying industry.

Survey Collection

Survey data collection is a responsibility shared between the federal and provincial governments, providing a vehicle for meeting the joint information needs of the two levels of government while minimizing the reporting burden on the responding firm.

Survey Sampling

At the present time, all establishments within the scope of the metal ore mining and non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying industry are surveyed.

Data Editing and Correction

Data received on survey questionnaires are subject to extensive edit processes, both by a survey specialist and by the computer. As a result of this editing process, the respondent may be contacted to confirm or to qualify the data.

Response Rates

After the completion of an extensive follow-up process response rates to survey questionnaires are well above 90%.


The data appearing in this publication have been reviewed to ensure that the confidentiality of individual responses is respected.

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