Symbols and Abbreviations

Symbol Legend

The symbols listed below apply to data published by Minerals and Metals Statistics Division, Natural Resources Canada from surveys, censuses and administrative sources, as well as straight tabulations and estimations.

The following symbol legend should be included with all publications:

. Not available for any reference period,
Not available for a specific reference period,
… or n.a. Not applicable,
0 True zero or a value rounded to zero,
0s Value rounded to 0 (zero) where there is a meaningful distinction between true zero and the value that was rounded,
p Preliminary,
r Revised,
x Suppressed to meet the confidentiality requirements,
E Use with caution,
F Too unreliable to be published,


All data, with the exception of data concerning coal, originate from surveys conducted jointly by the federal Department of Natural Resources and the "Institut de la statistique du Québec". Inquiries should be addressed by telephone to the Department of Natural Resources at: 1-855-525-9293 (Toll-Free in Canada) or 343-292-6096 or by using this page: Contact Us. Data concerning coal originate from surveys conducted by Statistics Canada and inquiries on this topic should be addressed to the dissemination office at tel.: 613-951-9497. Components may not add due to rounding.

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