Minerals and metals statistics: exploration

Data on mineral exploration and development in Canada. You can use this data to understand Canadian exploration activities and make informed decisions. Mineral exploration and development are a major part of the mineral and mining industry in Canada and can indicate the health of the industry.

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About the survey program

Natural Resources Canada, working in partnership with Statistics Canada, provides national statistics on mineral exploration and development through the bi-annual Survey of Mineral Exploration, Deposit Appraisal and Mine Complex Development Expenditures. NRCan co-ordinates with provincial and territorial governments to collect, assemble and publish these statistics for both junior and senior mining companies. The data covers the evolution of mineral projects, from exploration up until production. Data is aggregated to protect the confidentiality of respondents.

The methods and definitions for this survey are established by a federal and provincial/territorial committee to ensure they are harmonized across Canada. Learn more about the methods and definitions.

Pre-production phases covered through this survey include:

The survey covers on-mine-site and off-mine-site spending. “On-mine-site” includes expenses or work done in an area that (1) can be accessed from active or committed infrastructure and (2) is covered by the same permits as a producing mine or a mine committed to production.

“Off-mine-site" includes expenses or work done in an area that is not covered by the same permits as a producing or committed mine site. For example, it can include infrastructure that are essential parts of the mine complex, but are located outside of the on-mine-site area, such as roads, docks and airports.


This section includes preliminary statistics, annual statistics, survey forms and survey definitions.

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