Annual Statistics of Mineral Production

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New data available

Mineral production statistics from Statistics Canada’s Annual Mineral Production Survey are now available for reference year 2022. These data are published together with the new 2023 preliminary estimates of mineral production in Canada.

The latest release of Statistics Canada’s Annual Mineral Production Survey also includes data revisions for reference years 2019, 2020 and 2021. This data can be accessed through Statistics Canada’s Table 16-10-0022. Natural Resources Canada will be publishing versions of these tables here soon.

Historical data for reference years 1990 to 2018 are available through the dropdown above.

Beginning with reference year 2019, Statistics Canada is responsible for the collection, processing and release of mineral and metal production statistics under the Statistics Act. Statistics Canada’s table presents these statistics for over 75 products from the mining industry.

Some products that were historically included in Natural Resources Canada's publication of mineral production are now collected and published by Statistics Canada through other, separate surveys.

These products include the following:

  • Aluminum, bismuth, cadmium, indium, selenium, sulphuric acid and tellurium – Data for these products can be found in the Monthly Survey of Smelters and Metal Refineries, which is released in Statistics Canada’s table 16-10-0019-01.
  • Elemental sulphur – Data on elemental sulphur can be found in Statistics Canada’s table 25-10-0036-01, which provides data on natural gas liquids and sulphur products from processing plants.

Data for Quebec are collected by the Institut de la statistique du Québec. Quebec's data on aggregate products are now available for 2019, 2020 and 2021 only; data for the following years will be available at a later date.


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