Survey Definitions and Methodology of Mineral Production

The purpose of this web page is to provide information that will assist you in interpreting Natural Resources Canada's published survey data. The information is provided to ensure an understanding of the basic concepts that define the survey data, including variables and classifications, and the underlying statistical methods.

NRCan collects and publishes statistics on mineral exploration, development, and production under the Resources and Technical Surveys Act.

Key Definitions

Key definitions are provided as the basic concept of the Minerals and Metals Statistics Division’s (MMSD) statistical survey methods. The operation unit (mine, mine/mill, quarry, pit or bog) is designated as the "establishment."

For statistical purposes, a mining establishment is defined as the smallest unit that is a separate operating entity capable of reporting on:

Mineral Production Definitions

  1. Definitions Related to Mineral Production
  2. Methodology for the Survey on Mineral Production
  3. Techniques Used to Calculate Data on the Mineral Production in Canada
  4. Symbols and Abbreviations

Reporting Guide and Indexes for Survey Questionnaires - For reference periods prior to September 2018

  1. Reporting Guide on Mineral Production
  2. Quick Index for Purchased Services Expenses of Establishment Schedule
  3. Quick Index for Sand and Gravel Commodity Schedule
  4. Quick Index for Stone Commodity Schedule

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