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New data available

Mineral production statistics from Statistics Canada’s Annual Mineral Production Survey are now available for reference year 2022. These data are published together with the new 2023 preliminary estimates of mineral production in Canada.

The latest release of Statistics Canada’s Annual Mineral Production Survey also includes data revisions for reference years 2019, 2020 and 2021. This data can be accessed through Statistics Canada’s Table 16-10-0022. Natural Resources Canada will be publishing versions of these tables here soon.

Historical annual data for reference years 1990 to 2018 can be accessed here.

Data on the production of minerals and metals in Canada. You can use this data to understand the Canadian mining industry and make informed decisions.

Canada’s mining industry produces significant amounts of minerals and metals for use in Canada and for export to other countries. Natural Resources Canada, working in partnership with Statistics Canada, collects data on mining production through annual and monthly surveys of the industry.

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About the survey program

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Statistics Canada jointly administer a program, launched in 2018, to collect, assemble and publish production statistics on minerals and metals. Information collected is instrumental in illustrating the impact of the mining industry on Canada’s economy. Before the program was launched, NRCan administered a similar survey.

Through the current program, Statistics Canada surveys the industry to collect preliminary estimates and actual production data on minerals. The surveys involve questionnaires covering several raw products and refined metals. They measure monthly and annual statistics from producing mines. These statistics include energy consumption, employment, production, shipments and more.

The collected data are reported on a preliminary, monthly and annual basis and are available through this website.

The data are also used in publications that provide analysis for various uses. See Mining and mineral publications.

Annual statistics on mineral production

Data on production and shipments are available from 1990 to present:

Monthly statistics on mineral production

Current data are available from Statistics Canada from 2020 onward. They include production and shipments of minerals and metals:

Historical data on production and shipments are available for 18 leading Canadian mineral products:

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