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Data on Canada's mineral imports and exports. You can use this data to understand Canadian trade activities and make informed decisions.

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About the trade data

Canadian trade statistics are compiled according to the General System of Trade as defined by the United Nations Statistical Office. These statistics cover all goods entering (“imports”) and leaving the country (“exports”).

When goods are imported into or exported from Canada, declarations must be filed with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA or Customs), giving information such as the description and value of goods, the origin and port of clearance of commodities and the mode of transport. Much of this information is required for Customs administration.

Statistics derived from administrative records of the CBSA are referred to as “Customs-based trade statistics.” They are compiled, analyzed and disseminated by Statistics Canada’s International Accounts and Trade Division (IATD).

Annual statistics on mineral trade

View reports on the value of imports and exports for mineral and metal products, by stage or by country.

Canada’s value of imports and exports by country or region

Canada’s value of imports and exports by stage

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